North County Fire Public Request Forms

Fire/EMS Incident Report Request Instructions

Fire reports are considered to be a matter of public record; however, there may be some portions of that report that are private and not subject to disclosure. In addition, the casualty report associated with the fire report is treated as a confidential EMS report, and is protected by privacy laws. To obtain any available photographs associated with the fire investigation in either compact disc format or photo reproduction, the District will charge the actual reprint/multimedia reproduction costs.

Please download and fill out the form. It can be found HERE.

Please submit incident requests to or fax 831-633-2572

Ride Along Request

Ride alongs are a great way for someone interested in the fire service to get an experience of the daily Firefighter life. North County is proud to offer this program to any individual over the age of sixteen (16). Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) will still require parental consent waiver to be signed. If you have any interest, please download both our Ride Along Policy and Ride Along Request form.

Please submit ride along requests to or fax 831-633-2572