Board of Directors



Board President - D. Chapin

Don graduated from Mora Central Catholic High School in 1970 and attended Cabrillo College studying Architecture. Married to wife Barbara, Don has three children - Caroline, age 32 and a civil engineer, Donald III, age 29 and a graduate of civil engineering at Fresno State University, and Erin, age 18. Don was raised locally and moved to the Prunedale area in 1972. Don and his family still reside in North County. In 1971, Don began a full time career at Chapin and Clark. On May 5th 1975, Don left Chapin and Clark and began his own business. In 1978, his father left Chapin and Clark and the two started what today is still known as “The Don Chapin Co.” Don is the President and CEO of the Don Chapin Co., and has a hand in the management of all its affiliates. Don believes in giving back to his community and has been committed to that goal. He supports many local schools and projects that focus on serving the youth of our community.


Board Vice President - F. Balestreri

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Director - A. Silva

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Director - D. Champion, Ph.D

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Director - J. Simon

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